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09-Dec-2014 The ASMI office will be closed from Wednesday 24 December 2014 to Monday 5 January 2015.
21-Nov-2014 Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code Seminars are back
20-Nov-2014 ASMI congratulates Diamond Awards winners
20-Nov-2014 Bayer’s Mark Sargent re-elected as ASMI President
06-Nov-2014 'Transforming Pharmacy' a key theme at ASMI 2014 Conference
15-Oct-2014 New economic report on Complementary Medicines!
21-Aug-2014 Nicholas Hall to speak at ASMI Conference
14-Aug-2014 A Private Workshop with Steve Mister, President and CEO, Council for Responsible Nutrition
07-Aug-2014 Annual Review of the ASMI Code of Practice
01-Aug-2014 ASMI submission re Innovation (31 July 2014)
15-Jul-2014 ASMI welcomes new Advertising Services Associate
14-Jul-2014 Registrations now open for ASMI 2014 Annual Conference
04-Jun-2014 ASMI welcomes new Complementary Medicines Regulatory Manager
10-Apr-2014 Integrate self care into health policy.
25-Mar-2014 ASMI calls for Self Care Alliance
25-Mar-2014 OTC study finds non-prescription medicines worth $10 billion to the healthcare system annually
12-Feb-2014 Call for Comment - first year review of the Good Supplier Practice (GSP)
20-Jan-2014 Improved health outcomes and health budget savings achievable with greater self care
20-Jan-2014 Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) 2014-15 Pre-Budget Submission
13-Jan-2014 ASMI Annual Conference 2014
10-Jan-2014 Public Relations Manager (maternity contract).
17-Dec-2013 Bayer's Mark Sargent continues at ASMI helm
27-Nov-2013 Christmas Closing
15-Nov-2013 ASMI Diamond Award Winners for 2013
31-Oct-2013 No changes to ASMI Code for 2013
01-Nov-2013 Hurry! Registrations for the ASMI 2013 Conference close on Friday 8 November.
22-Jan-2013 ASMI Pre-Budget Submission Calls for Consumer Medicine Investment and Innovation Boost
19-Dec-2012 ASMI Secretariat Christmas Closing Dates
20-Nov-2012 ASMI 2012 Conference Speaker Presentations now available
15-Nov-2012 New Sunscreen Standard Introduced
15-Nov-2012 2012 ASMI Sales & Marketing Awards Winners!
16-Sep-2012 REGISTER NOW!
22-Dec-2011 ASMI Committee of Management and Office Bearers for 2011 - 2012
21-Nov-2011 ASMI Annual Report published
17-Nov-2011 2011 ASMI Sales & Marketing Awards Winners
07-Oct-2011 Pharmacovigilance Seminar Presentations Now Available
13-Sep-2011 2011 ASMI Conference Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities Still Available
30-Aug-2011 ASMI statement on the viability of the supply chain
08-Sep-2011 2011 ASMI Conference - REGISTER NOW! Waterview Convention Centre, Bicentennial Park, Homebush, Sydney.
21-Jun-2011 Australia New Zealand Therapeutic Products Agency (ANZTPA)
16-May-2011 ASMI Submission on RASML Update 6
29-Apr-2011 Launch of TGA's New Website
23-Dec-2010 Transparency Review of the TGA
25-Nov-2010 New ASMI President & Office Bearers
24-Nov-2010 2010 ASMI Conference
22-Oct-2010 ASMI Conference - last weeks to register!
30-Jul-2010 Dr Deon Schoombie takes over as ASMI Executive Director
01-Jun-2010 2010 ASMI Conference Registrations Now Open!
07-May-2010 2010 ASMI Conference Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities now available.
05-May-2010 Pharmacist-only category of medicines becoming a consumer backwater
18-Mar-2010 ASMI Launches Self Care Into Cyberspace
19-Feb-2010 Juliet Seifert to step down as ASMI Executive Director in August 2010.
04-Feb-2010 Online CM Registration Pathway
04-Feb-2010 ASMI 2010 Budget Submission
20-Oct-2009 ASMI Position Paper
19-May-2009 ASMI Submission on FSANZ Draft Proposal P293 - Nutrition Health & Related Claims
05-May-2009 2009 ASMI Sales & Marketing Awards
03-Mar-2009 ASMI Submission on the National Primary Health Care Strategy
21-Dec-2008 Obesity Submission & Second Submission on NRT to Preventative Health Taskforce
21-Oct-2008 Invitation to Participate in Consultations on 'Australia: The Healthiest Country by 2020'
09-Sep-2008 Submission on NRT to the Preventative Health Taskforce
04-Sep-2008 Therapeutic Goods Act Enforcement Guidelines
29-Aug-2008 ASMI 2008 Conference - 19 November 2008
03-Jun-2008 APSMI Meeting in Sydney
03-Jun-2008 ASMI Strategic Planning 2008
05-Jun-2008 ASMI’s Position on the Listing System
05-Jun-2008 CRIS on New TGA Fees and Charges
19-May-2008 WSMI Symposium in Beijing
15-May-2008 TGA Review of Cough/Cold Medicines
15-May-2008 Changing of the Guard at NZSMI