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2014 ASMI AGM, Annual Conference and Diamond Awards



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Self Care- A Brighter & Healthier Future

Sharing Global Insights & New Evidence

on Tuesday November 18, 2014

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ASMI Welcome

Dr Deon Schoombie, Executive Director, ASMI

MC Virginia Trioli, Journalist and Broadcaster, Presenter ABC News

Plenary 1
Global Consumer Healthcare Trends – Insights & Future Drivers

Nicholas Hall, Chairman & CEO, Nicholas Hall Group of Companies

Plenary 2

The Healthcare Consumer – the Value of Current Behaviour & Future Potential


  • Understand the current value of OTC medicines in terms of consumer wants and needs based on the survey completed by consumers. (1.3)
  • Understand the potential value of OTC’s medicines through down scheduling 11 categories and consumers wants and needs regarding prescription versus pharmacy only(1.3, 6.2)
  • Understand the impact to the health economy when ‘reverse switch’ occur   (examples: codeine and pseudoephedrine)
  • Understand the positive financial impact switching the 11 prescription medicines to pharmacist only with greater pharmacist engagement at the centre can have on consumers, pharmacies and the overall healthcare system. (6.2)

Prescription to OTC Switch in Australia - Driving the Change.

Morning Tea

Plenary 3

Public Health Cost Savings from Preventative VMS (Frost and Sullivan Study)


  • Understand the potential health care cost savings, if people over the age of 55 use certain dietary supplements that have been shown to lower disease risks and reduce illness-related hospital utilization costs associated with heart disease, age-related eye disease, diabetes, and bone disease from the United States Frost and Sullivan Study. (6.2, 6.3)
  • Identify the supplements in the Frost and Sullivan study that have been proven to lower disease risk and reduce healthcare costs. (6.2)

Steve Mister, President, CRN Foundation USA

Plenary 4
Update on Regulatory Reform

Dr Lisa Studdert, Head of the Market Authorisation Group, Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) 


Plenary 5
Building a Self Care “Alliance” in Australia – Insights & Learnings from the UK Self Care Forum

Gopa Mitra, MBE , Director of Health Policy and Public Affairs, PAGB

Plenary 6

Australian Pharmacy 'Health Destination Pilot' Study - Results & Implications


  • Describe a changed model of pharmacy practice in which the pharmacist is repositioned as a primary healthcare provider and the pharmacy as a healthcare destination. (3.1,3.4,6.2)
  • Explain how a healthcare destination model is implemented through consumer engagement, targeting health promotions and professional services to areas of local need, implementing and/or increasing delivery of professional pharmacy programs and services, improving communication and relationships with local GPs and health professionals; with the potential to increase health-related sales and overall profitability. (1.3,6.2,6.3)

Dr Alison Roberts, Director Policy and Practice, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Ltd

Afternoon Tea

Plenary 7

Global Best Practice in Healthcare Retailing – postcards from around the globe


  • Understand the macro trends and insights into the OTC industry, specifically looking at channel, health economic, geographic, retailer-driven and product trends. (1.3, 6.2)
  • Understand consumer trends in healthcare retailing (pharmacy, grocery, online, mobile/smart phone) (1.3, 6.2)
  • Understand the changing role of health professionals. (1.3, 6.2)
  • Understand how the successful healthcare retailers are building their business for the future and are taking advantage of the global trends by reassessing and redesigning their business. (1.3, 6.2)



Steve Sowerby, Founder, XPotential

Plenary 8
Moving Forward to a Brighter & Healthier Future; Industry leaders Final Thoughts and Key Actions

Virginia Trioli, Journalist and Broadcaster, Presenter ABC News


Mark Sargent, President, ASMI
Dr Deon Schoombie, Executive Director, ASMI
MC Virginia Trioli, Journalist and Broadcaster, Presenter ABC News

Pre Dinner Drinks

ASMI Diamond Awards Dinner

Master of Ceremonies: Filomena Maiese, Marketing & Business Development Director, ASMI

We look forward to seeing you at the ASMI 2014 Conference.

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ASMI’s Parliamentary Reception in Canberra on March 25 2014

ASMI hosted a high profile cocktail reception at Parliament House, Canberra, on Tuesday to launch the Macquarie University study: ‘The value of OTC medicines in Australia’. The reception attracted politicians, heads of key healthcare organisations, ASMI Board members and ASMI members. One of the ASMI members who participated said that “it was a glittering event with a great buzz in the room.


Click here to see the presentation, Deon Schoombie's speech, Mark Gabbott's speech and photos

Click here for the Macquarie University OTC Value Study

Click here for the Industry Snapshot

Click here for the Infographic Summary

2015 ASMI AGM, Annual Conference and Diamond Awards

SAVE THE DATE: The 2015 ASMI AGM, Annual Conference & Diamond Awards Dinner on Wednesday  11 November 2015 in Sydney At the Waterview Convention Centre. Future Conference updates will be posted here.


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ASMI runs a variety of events for members throughout the year. We also partner with other organisations to give members access to consumer healthcare experts and the latest information.

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